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Five reasons you should cross post your content

Bloggers love to share their content on social media and other websites, but often neglect the power of cross-posting. By cross-posting, you can ensure your blog content is seen by a wider audience and improve the chances of attracting new followers. Here are five reasons why you should cross-post your blog content.

People spend time on specific platforms

People are creatures of habit, I eat the same breakfast every day and have for a number of years, I go to bed and go to sleep at the same time. In the same vein, users will stick to the platform where they feel comfortable. If you just think about your own daily habits, you will see patterns.

People spend time on specific platforms because the content on those platforms is relevant to them. For example, Hashnode is a platform where people can create a blog and share it with followers or even strangers.

Established platforms mean higher potential views

There are a few key reasons why established platforms mean higher potential views. The first reason is that an established platform already has an audience built-in. This means that when you post something, you have the potential to reach a large number of people very quickly. Additionally, established platforms have a higher ranking in search engines, meaning your content will be more likely to be seen by people who are looking for it. Finally, established platforms have a credibility factor that new platforms may not have yet. When readers see that a platform has been around for a while, they are more likely to trust the information presented there.

Canonical links can help

Canonical links are important for both writing and blogging. For writers, canonical links can prevent duplicate content issues and help search engines determine the original source of a piece of content. For bloggers, canonical links can help ensure that blog posts are indexed properly and that any associated backlinks are credited to the correct post.

This means a platform can use the content to please the people browsing their sites, and I get a clear benefit from it. This way, everybody wins!

Platforms share content

Platforms like Devto and Hashnode encourage writers by sharing content. This means their huge following has the opportunity to see and engage with your content.

On top of that, if you happen to create content that becomes one of the top posts of the week. You receive extra marketing through newsletters, blog posts and so much more!

This is something that takes years for an individual to grow on their own, having access to free marketing and promotion.

It’s easy to do

The final reason is it easy to do and you have nothing to lose! The great thing about cross-posting is it is easier to do. Sure you could copy and paste the content from one place to another, but that takes time. You have to make sure every link, image, and markdown is successfully converted.

This is where XPoster comes in! With XPoster we give you three ways to successfully cross-post your content:

  1. You can upload a markdown or MDX file directly and we will convert it and allow you to see how it looks before posting.
  2. You can use our editor to create your blog post from scratch. It supports all the important things you need for a fantastic blog post.
  3. Finally, we can use your RSS feed to access the content and convert it to ready to be used.

XPoster gives you a 7-day free trial with zero credit card needed! Give it a shot and start cross-posting your content today!




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